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Fluorescence Optical Filter sets for Kaede protein applications

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Glen Spectra is pleased to announce the introduction of a new fluorescence filter set for use with Kaede proteins. The fluorescence from Kaede protein changes from green to bright red when exposed to UV light, providing a simple and powerful tool for regional optical marking. The new XF153 filter set makes this process much easier for researchers by accommodating the green and red fluorescence and the UV conversion.

The Kaede filter set is ideal for real time fluorescence imaging in the study of cell dynamics, protein migration and to identify individual cells for optical marking. The set includes the excitation and emission filters for both the red and green flouresence and also filters which have been specifically designed to give optimal Kaede colour conversion under UV. This allows the researcher to concentrate on research rather than filter selection. This filter set has been designed in collaboration with Atsushi Miyawaki.


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