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Fibre Optics from Glen Spectra.Glen Spectra introduces standard High-Power Laser Transmissions Cables, which are available with either the unique HP-SMA905 or HP-635 connector.

The HP-SMA905 connector holds the fibre tip cantilevered within a SMA905 connector ferrule, which is bored out to remove epoxy and other material from the fibre perimeter. This significantly reduces fibre breakdown, usually the result of beam misalignment in which the laser energy is focused outside the fibre core on portions of the connector that could easily burn, causing fibre damage. A heat-sink is attached to the rear of the connector, which conducts extraneous heat away from the fibre, further reducing the possibility of breakdown.

The HP-635 incorporates the same features in a simplified 0.250"OD x 1"L stainless steel ferrule, which can be held in standard optical positioners. The cantilevered fibre and heat-sink can also be incorporated into other connector types, such as ST, FC, etc., at additional cost. The fibres are double-sheathed in super-rugged, flexible stainless steel squarelock cable, with an internal pvc/Kevlar sheath. High temperature epoxies are used throughout to ensure mechanical stability. All fibres are silica/silica, 0.22 numerical apertures.


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