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Fibre Optics from Glen Spectra.Glen Spectra announces the introduction of three new series of fibre optic collimator and refocusing assemblies. The LC-4 Series with a 4.0 mm aperture, the LC-10 Series with a 10.0 mm aperture and the LC-22 Series with a 22.0 mm aperture.

Glen Spectra's standard collimators employ plano-convex lenses positioned at their focal length from the optical fibre tip, and are used to expand the beam and decrease the divergence of light exiting from an optical fibre; conversely, light entering a collimator will be focused into the fibre. The LC-4 series are housed in stainless steel, and the LC-10 and LC-22 are housed in anodized aluminium. SMA terminations are standard, and all are available with several options, including FC, ST and SC connectors, various Numerical Apertures (N.A.), and AR coated optics. Refocusing assemblies are available in several focal lengths for LC-10 and LC-22 collimators.

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