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Filters to meet flow cytometrists needs

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Glen Spectra offer a free filter selection and advice service for flow cytometrists. Glen Spectra have been a major supplier of Flow Cytometry and fluorescence microscopy filters for over 15 years and are ideally placed to help with any filter combination.

Filter selection is a critical aspect of instrument and experiment performance. If the filters are not correct for the fluorophores then optimum results cannot be achieved. While three or four fluorophore analysis has become standard, simultaneous detection of more than 10 colours is now possible. As the number of lasers and detection channels in instruments increases, the task of filter selection becomes ever more complicated which is where Glen Spectra can help!

Glen Spectra Flow Cytometry filters offer the following benefits;

  • The highest quality optical performance: High transmission and blocking to minimise light losses
  • Excellent range of filters: covering UV to near IR emission giving selectivity for the fluorophore and prevention of cross talk.
  • Sizes to fit all research and clinical instruments including Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson, DAKO Cytomation, Partec, and others.
  • Custom design filters available from the specialist filter company.

These Flow Cytometry filters complement an extensive catalog of dye-specific fluorescence filter sets for all single and multi-label microscopy applications, including Quantum Dots, FRET, M-FISH, Pinkel, Sedat, Ratio Imaging, Confocal, and Multi-photon.


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