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RGB Colour Analyser For White Point Calibration

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Glen Spectra is proud to announce the introduction of the new PR-650 RGB Colour Analyser from Photo Research. The PR-650 RGB has been created to provide a spectrally based solution for the white point calibration of CRTs, LCDs and digital projectors. It builds on the established PR-650 spectroradiometer and the acquisition of complete spectral data giving you the distinct advantage over existing filter instruments, since there are no errors due to filter mismatch.

It can be used to calibrate displays in one of two modes - a learn mode or by entering target chromaticity and luminance values. A graphic interface provides an easy method for adjusting the RGB levels to the desired values.

In addition to the new RGB capabilities, the PR-650 RGB system can be used to make direct measurements of luminance, CIE Chromaticity (1931 xy and 1976 u'v') and correlated colour temperature. The standard PR-650 measurements such as L*a*b*, L*u*v*, DE*, DY, xy, DYu'v' and DCCT are available using either PC based SpectraWin software, or directly on the instrument using an optional PR-650 RAM card.


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