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Glen Spectra introduce the NEW PR-651 Industrial SpectraScan from Photo Research Inc., a ruggedized, version of the world famous PR-650. It is designed to take non-contact spectral measurements in harsh, dusty, humid and/or moist manufacturing environments. It is also equally at home as part of a continuous operation on-line system.


The system features a simultaneous acquisition spectroradiometer and an industrial grade shutter housed in a moisture and dust resistant enclosure. Results are based on radiance measurements from 380 to 780 nm. These are either displayed on an inbuilt screen, or passed back to a controlling computer via a RS232 link. Highly precise measurements can be made down to 1 fL (3.4 cd/m2) and at higher intensities the measurement time is automatically reduced to extend the dynamic range using patented Adaptive Sensitivity®.

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