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Glen Spectra, the exclusive representatives in the UK for Photo Research Inc., are proud to introduce SpectraWin® 2, a completely revised software package for Photo Research SpectraScan spectroradiometers. Supported instruments include PR-640, PR-645, PR-650, PR-704, PR-705, PR-714 and PR-715.

Building on the comprehensive measurements capabilities of the previous version, this package has a completely redesigned user interface. It is highly user configurable, enabling the display of only the information required. It also supports multiple polygonal GO / NO GO colour regions for more flexible testing solutions. In addition the software contains enhanced maths functions including measurement precision, interpolation and smoothing.

It is available in three versions, SpectraWin Lite, SpectraWin Pro and with the RGB DisplayCal version. SpectraWin Pro adds a comprehensive macro scripting tool to help automate measurement tasks. The RGB DisplayCal package lets you set the white point of a display to match one previously measured, or entered target values.


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