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1) Rear wing removed. Note the braces welding the car to a steel beam and across the door aperture. The steel beam supports the car at the front and rear using the suspension, this means that there is no unusual stress in the shell thereby ensuring that when you weld the new panels back on the car is still the same shape. The new looking nut in the wheel arch is where I fitted the inertia reel seat belts. There is a large square washer (from B&Q) which you can just make out and it fits into the bottom of the recess molding. I did quite a bit of checking on the inside that the reel would not get in the way of the hood when folded and this was as high as I could go.


2 Front wing removed. Note the brace for the door pillar, the inner and outer sill has also been removed. The inner sill was a pile of dust!


3 Floor and sill removed (well almost) the shears broke! The new rear wing is underneath. You can also see an additional prop under the cross member making sure the weight of the engine/gearbox does not pull the middle section of the car down. They have thought of everything (I hope).


4 Front wing removed, the damper I fitted a week or two ago still looks good. Note the glass is covered, somebody before managed to get weld spatter on the glass, these guys are more professional. The door is left in place to help line up the rear wing etc.


5 Floor and sill back on the car. The sill top was spot welded just like in the factory.


6 Heal board extension and door post back in place and you can see the seat belt reel.


7 New rear wing in place. You can also see the new outer wheel arch and boot corner.


8 Panel alignment and door gaps are good.


9 Took it for the MOT and passed, you don't need a passenger seat to get an MOT but the seat belt must be there. Being an early 1975 car it does not need an emission test either they just look for smoke!

10 After a lick of paint and new chrome wheels obtained from e-bay.

11 At a local show

12 Front view