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3rd Millennium Longpass Filters
Price List

3rd Millennium Longpass Filters

The prices given below are in US Dollars and are exclusive of UK taxes, Customs and Excise duties and Shipment cost from the US. For an all inclusive UK price please multiply the Dollar price by 0.76.

e.g.: 3rd 400SP Filter; Cost $165 x 0.76 = £125.00 each.

All prices are ex works Stanmore and exclusive of VAT.

3rd Millennium Longpass Filter Prices

Cut-On Range Price

400-690nm $165.00 each

700-790nm $175.00 each

800- 1100nm $185.00 each

How To Specify a Filter:

Shortpass Filter - specify a cut-off wavelength (Example: Part Number - 3RD 650SP)

Filter Specifications:

Assembly Diameter: 25mm
Assembly Thickness: 5.5mm
Clear Aperture: 21.3mm
Substrates: SiO2 substrate with a broadband anti-reflection coating.

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